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eeds is an online CE tracking system for healthcare professionals. You can use eeds to get CE transcripts, attendance certificates, record self-reported CE credits, and even earn credits with Point-of-Care Learning.


Access Attendance Certificate, Evaluation, Course Materials, Group Discussion, and More

Earn and Report your CE Credits Effortlessly

Effortless Sign In

Forget sign-in sheets. Use any one of eeds’ hassle-free sign in methods to record your attendance - Mobile App Available!

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Self-Reported Credit

Our self-reported credit features make it easy to earn credit for things like self-study courses, journal clubs, and presentation research.

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Certificates & Transcripts

Stop waiting for attendance certificates, eeds allows you to get certificates and transcripts instantaneously

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Audience Response System

Engage your audience with our innovative Audience Response System (ARS) by displaying questions on attendees’ devices and receiving real-time responses.

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Course Materials

Participating CE sponsors make course materials available online, so you can reference them quickly and easily whenever you like. Speakers can also use eeds to upload materials for attendees.

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eeds Mobile App

With the eeds app, you can sign into an event, enter self-reported credits, complete evaluations, access course materials, and more.

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How eeds Works

Ready to see how eeds can help you manage your events more efficiently and effectively? Watch the video below to learn how eeds works and why it’s superior to alternatives.

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